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How to integrate conversion tracking with MaxConv?
How to integrate conversion tracking with MaxConv?
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Step #1 - Add Clickadu as your traffic source in MaxConv

Log into your MaxConv account, choose the Traffic Sources tab, and then click the Create button.

Select Clickadu from the list of preconfigured traffic sources.

Step #2 - Adjust the postback URL

In your Clickadu account, please go to the Tracking (1) folder. Choose MaxConv (2) tracker in the list and copy the postback link (3)

Then in the MaxConv tracker, in the Clickadu traffic source, paste the copied from the Clickadu account postback link (3) in the field Postback URL (see the screenshot below).

Make sure that the {external_id} token is added at the end of the postback URL.

In the field External ID, type the parameter's name and paste our token ${SUBID} in the Placeholder field. Please make sure that there are no typos in the token name.

Please also note that you can add another token that you need In the fields below the External ID. Please have a look at the tokens available on Clickadu here.

The data on zone IDs, campaign IDs, and sources will be available in the report on Custom parameters and can be used for further optimization and targeting of your campaigns.

Step #3 - Create the Campaign in MaxConv

Before you start the campaign in MaxConv, it is required to assure that your offer and affiliate network (optional) are configured correctly.

Press the Campaigns tab and then click the button Create to open the new campaign configuration menu.

Set up your campaign in MaxConv. Select Clickadu as your traffic source.

Choose your Landers and Offers.

You can find more about the Landers and Offers section in the MaxConv documentation.

Press Save to store the campaign settings.

To check your campaign links, press the Links button

The list with campaign links will appear. Copy Campaign URL.

Step #4 - Set up the Campaign in Clickadu

Login to your Clickadu advertiser account, click the Campaigns tab and then Create Campaign button (or edit one of your existing campaigns).

Paste the copied Campaign URL with all parameters from MaxConv in the General campaign settings (1) as Target URL (2) for your campaign on Clickadu.

Press Start Campaign to save the settings and launch the campaign. After the moderation process finishes, your campaign becomes active. Also, you can save your campaign as a draft.

If you need assistance, contact the MaxConv team:

  • Live Chat - the message window that appears in the right corner of the screen on the website.

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