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How to pay less with the SmartCPM bidding?
How to pay less with the SmartCPM bidding?
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How to pay less with the SmartCPM bidding?

SmartCPM is the model which helps to optimize your expenses for your campaigns. You set the maximum rate you are willing to pay and the algorithm chooses the second-best price according to the second-price auction. Therefore the actual price will usually be lower. Your bid will be based on the next lower price on the slice of your campaign’s targeting. However, this cannot exceed the price you have set when starting a campaign. Thus, this model helps to reduce the cost of the CPM and remain competitive in the targeting.

What is more important, with smartCPM you can set rates for separate zones within 1 campaign.

Why do you need this?

There are two reasons, why SCPM bidding may help you to improve your campaign performance:

1. If you have well-performing zones and you would like to get more traffic from them, you can just increase the bid within the working campaign instead of creating a new one with the targeting only for this particular zone. Thus, you will keep organized your account, avoid over making the campaigns and save time and money!

2. In case you have a zone that performs less efficiently than you expected, you can improve its results without losing traffic that you could face by excluding this zone. In order to keep the volume, you can lower the bid on it and make the zone profitable.

How to set a separate bid for the zone:

You can set separate rates for specific zones within 1 campaign in Dashboard. In order to do so, you select the campaign, then click on its name, and after that, you will see the list of the zones the campaign is running on.

In the column “Fixed rate” you can set the rate for the specific zone. Moreover, you can choose several zones and set the bid for them at the time: just check the spots you need, set the bid in the field, and press “Change rate”.

How to set a separate bid for the zone via API?

What’s also important, we added the method to API which allows you to set bids for zones separately via the POST request

Method - POST

code example:


"rates": [


"zone_id": 1911704,

"amount_usd": 0.8



"zoneId": 1879420,

"amountUsd": 1.1



"zoneId": 1915436,

"amountUsd": 1.2



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