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How to create a Skim campaign?
How to create a Skim campaign?
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To create a Skim campaign, you need to select the ‘Skim’ ad format and put your target URL leading to the offer/product to be promoted in the ‘Target URL’ field.

Skim campaigns are available with Adult feed only!

Further, when you set a bid (‘Pricings’ section (1)) for your Skim campaign, you will be able to use pre-set bids (2), as shown on the screenshot below, that will allow you to choose target countries that have got the same minimum CPM rate. Below the CPM field (3), you can find the minimum bid for a specific country and apply it to the campaign by clicking it.


Vertical (‘Targetings’)

After you have set both the ‘General’ and ‘Pricings’ sections, head to ‘Targetings’ (1), where you will see another peculiar setting available for Skim campaigns only – the ‘Vertical’ (2) targeting option. Here you can either select or exclude website types you would like to receive Skim traffic from.


Last but not least, Skim campaigns allow you to track what website you receive traffic from by using the {source} token. Implement this token when you configure postback, and you’ll receive this information on your tracker’s/affiliate network’s side.

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