How to create a CPC campaign?
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In order to create a CPC campaign, go to the ‘Create Campaign’ page (1), ‘General’ section (2) and choose Push Notification, Video Pre-Roll, ITM or Banner in Ad Format (3).


Switch to the ‘Pricing’ section (1) and select the CPC pricing model (2).


After that, find the ‘Countries & Bid’ (3) section. Here you need to select countries to target. If you are interested in traffic volumes or average and maximum bids, we highly recommend that you use the ‘Traffic Inventory’ (4) tool. This tool calculates the daily traffic amount available, according to the campaign settings and selected targeting options. The data is based on the previous day's traffic performance.

In the ‘Countries’ field (5) select a country you would like to target in your campaign. Note that it is possible to add only 1 country for a campaign on the CPC pricing model. Set a click cost for your campaign in the ‘Click Cost’ (6) field on the right. To set a competitive click cost, familiarize yourself with the data in ‘Traffic Inventory’ or contact your personal manager to get recommendations. The minimum CPC for all GEOs is $0.001.

The next step is to set frequency capping (8). The 'frequency capping' determines how often (Frequency) ads will be displayed on a publisher's website per individual user/IP/device at a given period of time (Capping). On a CPC campaign, you can choose the frequency capping of impressions and clicks as well.


CPC Test Settings

Kindly note that if you wish to run your campaigns on the CPC pricing model, you need to set test settings at the bottom of the page for such campaigns:

  • Test Budget (9) is the amount of funds that will be deducted from your balance if the cost of produced clicks won’t cover the expenses for the tested traffic.

This can happen in case your creative has a low CTR or low CPC (for CPC). The higher your Test Budget is, the more zones and traffic you will be able to test.

  • Test impressions limit per zone (10) - this option excludes zones from the test that don’t provide a single click for a fixed volume of impressions.


Please Note!

Test on the Banner ad format has free test for advertisers, that is why if you choose the CPC price model on banners there won't be any CPC test settings.

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