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How to earn more with Clickadu referral program?
How to earn more with Clickadu referral program?
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Maximize Your Earnings with Clickadu's One-Year Referral Program

You now have the opportunity to receive 5% of your referral’s registration for the first year after they sign up. When you join the Clickadu Network, you'll discover a unique referral link in your personal account. This link is your key to earning additional income. You can share it in various ways:

  1. Via Social Media and Blogging: Share your referral link through ads, Facebook posts, tweets, or on your blog. Each new customer signing up through your link boosts your income.

  2. Website Integration: Embed a Clickadu referral banner on your site, using the attached link to attract users.

  3. Social Network Pages: Add your referral link to your social media profiles (like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter) or in your regular posts.

  4. Forum Participation: Include your referral link in comments or forum signatures. Remember to respect forum rules about sharing referral links.

  5. Creative Content: Create a short slideshow or video showcasing your experience with Clickadu. Add your referral link in the video description when you upload it to platforms like YouTube or Vimeo. Highlight aspects like your dashboard, statistics, or payment proofs to attract referrals.

  6. Personal Branding: Use your email signature, business cards, and other personal branding tools to promote your referral link.

This program offers a fantastic opportunity to earn additional income for a whole year from each referral, enhancing your overall earnings with Clickadu.

Your referral link will be available in your account upon registration:

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