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How to start monetization with Push-Up Ads (Mobile Dialog)
How to start monetization with Push-Up Ads (Mobile Dialog)
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To start earning money with Clickadu Push-Up Ads you need to create a special Push-Up zone for your website.
We'll show you how to create a pushup zone in two major steps.

First step: Setting up.

Go to your Publisher's Dashboard, move to the 'Sites and zones' tab. Choose the website you'd like to use for Push-Up.

Now you have the additional tab appeared in your website zones tab.

1. Click 'Create Pushup Zone' tab to start creating your zone.

2. You have the ability to choose between 'Adult' and 'Mainstream' advertising feed. Choose whatever is convenient for you.

Your new pushup zone will be created by clicking the 'Save' button.

Second Step: Getting the code.

It's almost set. Now you have your own Pushup zone created.

Now, there are two types of Ad zones: 'pushup' and 'onclick'. Make sure you have chosen the right zone.

To get the ad code click 'Get code' button.

Copy the Ad tag and add it between the <head> and </head> tag of your website. Your pushup zone is wired and ready to go.

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