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Data storage and protection.
Data storage and protection.
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Hereby, the data storage and protection clauses are stated in the Clickadu Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions documents.
We take our partners' personal information protection very seriously and won't request any information by the force which is not required for providing you advertising or monetization services (according to GDPR).
However, Clickadu s.r.o. company is the resident of the EU and should comply with EU laws and checks (KYC, AML, etc.) so we need to gather initial profile information to perform taxes and checks.

Account status:

Approved - your profile information is complete and valid. Good job! All the platform features are available.

Pending - seems that your profile information is incomplete, yet all the key features are still available for you. Go to the sites and zones to make sure you have entered valid profile information as soon as possible otherwise funds withdrawal or top up will be disabled.

Rejected - seems that your profile information is suspicious. Funds withdrawal or top up features are unavailable for you.
Please make sure you have entered. Contact your personal manager or support team to provide valid profile information.

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