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How to verify a website via HTML-file?
How to verify a website via HTML-file?
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Hello partner,

In this guide, we'll show you how to verify your website using the HTML verification.

I. FTP server

II. CMS systems (coming soon)

FTP Server

1. Log in to your Publishers' Dashboard and go to the 'Sites and Zones' section.

2. Chose a website you'd like to verify.


3. You're able to choose from meta-tag or HTML file verification here:


4. Download the verification file by pressing the download button.

Please note: every website has its own unique verification file.

5. Launch an FTP client (like FileZilla) and connect to your website FTP.

6. Drag and drop your verification file to the website FTP root.


7. Get back to your Publisher's Dashboard and click 'Prove ownership'.

8. Everything is okay? Your website will be manually reviewed in 24hrs.

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