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How to monetize traffic with banners? Most common questions publishers ask
How to monetize traffic with banners? Most common questions publishers ask
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Now that the banner ads became available for publishers on our SSP platform we've started to receive a lot of questions regarding the setting of campaigns with this format. So we’ve collected all the most popular requests and questions in one article so that you can always find answers to them.

The content of the article:

To start earning money with this ad format, you need to create a special banner zone. Let's see how you can do this inside our Self-Serve Platform for publishers.

Where can I get banner ads as a publisher?

  1. Log in or sign up in our SSP platform

  2. Go to the ‘sites & zones’ section and choose the website you’d like to create this zone for.

  1. Click ‘Create zone’, choose the ‘Banner zone’ and the size you need


What sizes of banners do you have and what should I choose?

At the moment we have two sizes available: 300x250 и 300x100. Choosing one of them depends directly on you and your purposes. But our main recommendation is to monetize 300x250 banners if your audience mostly uses web / desktop and give preference to 300x100 banners if users visit your website mainly from mobile devices.

When I create banner zones there are two feed types Adult and Main, what's the difference?

This option allows you to choose advertising feed type. Basically when creating a zone you can select the type of ads your website will be showing to your visitors. Keep in mind that If you have an adult website, we recommend you place adult banners on it as well to get better results.

Where should I place banner code?

  1. Now when the zone is created, you can copy the Banner ad script.

  1. Go to the website source code. The code should be placed inside the <body> tag, preferably on the first screen as it’ll allow you to get higher CPM rates. Don’t forget to save your code modifications!

Can I place multiple banner codes on the same page?

Yes, you can. But make sure that each banner on one page is created as a separate zone.

Can I use one code on multiple websites?

No, you cannot. You need to use different codes for each of your websites in order to make it work. Otherwise, you will not receive any data and, as a result, you will not be able to get paid for your traffic.

How can I place banner ads to WordPress?

You can find the detailed instructions here. The only difference is that the code should be placed inside the <body> tag.

Can I place a banner ad on a widget?

Yes, you can place banner ad code on all common widget types.

Where can I set up a fallback for banners?

To do that, please, contact your personal manager. He/she will help you set up such a possibility.

What is the average cpc for banners?

We offer our publishers to work only on CPM pricing model as it allows them to earn money for every thousand visitors who see the advertisements. As CPM depends on the quality of traffic, conversions, GEO and many different factors, we cannot tell you the exact average CPM rates for your website. To find it out, you need to test our system for a few days.

But you can always see our TOP GEOs for all ad formats here.

I placed my banner code, but the banner isn't appearing, what should I do?

Here’s two reasons why this is possible:

  • You ad code is not located inside the <body> tag. If so, we strongly recommend you to place it correctly.

  • Sometimes it takes up to 30 minutes for an ad to start showing. So in this case after creating the zone we advise you to give it some time.

If you have followed all the rules described above, but still do not see the banner on your website, please contact your personal manager (his/her contacts are indicated in the upper right corner inside the platform).

Can I use banner ads with Google AdSense ads?

Yes, absolutely. Our banner advertising format is compatible with Google so don’t be afraid to mix it with the formats of above platform.

I’ve added the code and launched traffic, but I see no earnings in the stats! What’s wrong?

Let's look at the most common reasons for this situation:

  1. Your website does not have enough traffic. In most cases you need to have at least 5K daily traffic to get higher CPM rates and payouts.

  2. If your CPM rates are low (about four decimal places or more), the statistics dashboard also will not show you any results.

In either case we suggest you work on the quality, amount of your traffic as well as the GEOs.

I have added a banner and my average CPM is so bad, why is this?

Unfortunately, statistics grouped by dates or other metrics tend to dilute CPM rates. So before you start worrying about your low average CPM, please, look at the statistics for each format (direction) separately.


Do you have iframe banners?

No, we don’t.

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