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Push Subscriptions Collection FAQ
Push Subscriptions Collection FAQ
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How do Push Subscriptions work?

Many popular web browsers allow users to subscribe to Push Notifications from websites. Websites may ask a user to subscribe to their Push Notifications via a prompt that looks like this on Desktop:


If the user presses Allow, then the site may send this user a Push notification at any time. Even when this website isn’t opened in the browser.

This functionality is available on both Desktop and Mobile platforms on Chrome, Samsung Browser, and some other browsers.

How do you make money on Push Subscriptions?

  1. Buy traffic from the sources of your choice

  2. You can use traffic from the following ad formats:

  • popunder;

  • clicks that come from display advertisements (banners, teasers, native ads);

  • social traffic;

  • Any remnant or exit traffic (for example, traffic left after promoting other offers).

  1. Send this traffic to your Clickadu Push Subscription Link, which is designed for efficient push subscriptions collection

  2. Our service immediately starts sending ads to all subscribed users, and they begin to generate revenue for you

  3. You optimize your traffic, in order to maximize the Conversion Rate to Subscriber, and buy only traffic that gives you the most revenue

  4. Depending on the price model, you either

  • get 80% of all revenue generated by the subscribers that you have collected, indefititely (as long as they are still subscribed)

  • or, get a fixed payout for each subscription

5. After the user has agreed to receive Push Notifications, he is redirected to one of our Trafficback offers - you also get 80% of revenue from Trafficback

Which price model is more profitable - Revshare or Cost Per Subscription?

Indeed, there are two price models to monetize traffic on Push Subscriptions: Revshare and Cost Per Subscription.

Let’s see what are the pros and cons of each of these price models.


With the Revshare model, you get a certain % of revenue generated by your traffic.


  • You keep getting revenue from subscribers for as long as they stay subscribed, so overall revenue is usually higher than on the CPS model.

  • After you have collected a large amount of subscribers, they start bringing you a considerable passive income, even after you stop collecting new subscribers.

  • In most networks, the payment hold period is shorter if you work on the Revshare model.


  • You need to wait a little bit until your expenses start to pay off.

  • So usually at the start of the campaign, you have a negative ROI for a few days

Please note that:

  • some users will unsubscribe over time;

  • new subscribers are the most active, and they bring you the most money;

  • the more time has passed since the subscription, the less money this user generates;

  • in order to maintain a sustainable income, you need to keep the traffic going and keep collecting new subscribers on our landing pages.


With this payment model, you instantly get paid a fixed amount of money for each subscribed user.


  • You get your money right away and don’t have to wait until the subscribed users pay off.

  • So you may start having positive ROI right at the start of your campaign.


  • CPS model is available only after a short test period of working on Revshare because we need to assess the quality of your subscribers

  • Overall income on CPS may be lower because you don’t get a share of all the future revenue that will be generated by your users after weeks, or even months after subscription.

  • The payment hold period on the CPS model is usually higher because the network takes a lot of risk by paying for your subscriptions upfront.

What kinds of traffic work best? What traffic to avoid?


Android with latest versions of Google Chrome, Samsung Browser, Xiaomi Browser, Huawei Browser

Not so good

Windows desktop traffic

Traffic to avoid completely

  • iOS, OS X

  • In-app Webview traffic - when the landing page is opened in Android Webview browser inside of an app, it’s impossible to subscribe the user to Push Notifications.

  • Iframe - if the landing page is opened inside of an iframe, it’s also impossible to get a subscription.

  • Traffic from Incognito of Private browsing tabs - for the same reason.

  • Very old versions of Android and Chrome that don’t support Push Notifications, or have poor quality users.

Use Proxy traffic!

Some traffic sources allow you to target Proxy traffic.

This traffic comes from users who use Proxy services to visit sites that are blocked in their countries, or for privacy reasons.

Usually Proxy traffic is relatively cheap, because many advertisers see this traffic as poor quality, and forbid it on their offers.

But in case of Push Subscriptions, this traffic can be used. Because after a user disconnects from Proxy, he or she will keep receiving ads via Push notifications.

What geos are the best, to begin with?

We recommend you start with IN, ID, BD, ES, BR, ZA, VN, PK. For these geos we received the most positive feedback from our partners.

Where do I get a landing page?

Some affiliates design and host their own landing pages to collect Push subscribers. This approach is good to practice your IT skills, but it has some disadvantages:

  • You have to pay for servers and domains.

  • You need to ensure quick delivery of the landing page to the users from different regions of the world; otherwise you will lose part of the traffic due to discrepancy.

We offer links to our ready-to-use landing pages for push subscriptions collection. We call them Push Subscription Links.

Why should I use Clickadu Push Subscription Links?

There are several advantages:

  1. Quick start

When you use Clickadu Push Subscription Links, you only need to:

  • Sign up to Clickadu

  • Go to the Push Subscription Link section, and hit the Create link button

  • If you don’t see the Push Subscription Link section in your Clickadu web interface, please contact your manager

  • Copy your new Push Subscription Link to your traffic source

2. Easy customization

You can try different landing pages, and modify the behavior of the lander, by easily changing parts of the Push Subscription URL.

3. Save money on domains and servers

We provide you with our domains and servers. You don’t have to pay for anything.

4. Save time on maintenance and monitoring

When you use your own hosting, you need to continuously monitor the performance of your servers. Otherwise, servers may overload or malfunction, and you will lose part of the traffic that you bought.

Landing pages on Clickadu Push Subscription Links are served with zero downtime.

5. Ultra-fast CDN

Landing page load speed is crucial for achieving high conversion rates.

Clickadu Push Subscription Links serve landing pages from a fast CDN. This allows for the lowest load time possible for every user, located in any country.

How do I know how much I can earn with Clickadu?

Your revenue depends on 2 factors:

  • Conversion rate (CR) is the ratio between the number of new subscribers and the number of landing page loads.

      1. CR depends on the ad format that you use to get traffic. For example, clicks from display ads usually have higher CR than popunders, but they are also more expensive.

      2. High quality traffic has better CR. Popunders from certain websites can have a CR as high as 20%. For other sites, which have poor quality traffic, CR can be just 2% or lower.

  • Subscribers quality

    1. Subscribers can differ in the amount of revenue that they generate.

    2. Some traffic sources may bring you “tired” subscribers that have already subscribed to ads in many different networks.

    3. For this reason we recommend you to track your revenue for each source subid individually - find out how.

Average subscriber value

Here you will find a table with the average Revshare revenue per subscriber from 100+ countries.

CPS subscriber rates

If you want to work on CPS price model, please contact your manager for details and rates.

What are your payment terms?

We’re offering weekly payments.

What payment systems do you support?

  • Paxum

  • PayPal

  • Webmoney

  • Wire transfer (for payments more than 1000 USD)

  • Cryptocurrency

Please consult with our Payment terms page for more details.

What is Trafficback? How do I set it up?

Trafficback is a direct link that monetizes your exit traffic.
When a user subscribes to Push Notifications, we redirect him to an additional ad. This lets you earn more money on this user. On some geos, like IN, Trafficback works really well, and it can bring you up to 40-50% of additional income.

We provide our partners with our own Trafficback, and it starts to work automatically. You don’t need to do anything.

You can also use your own Trafficback. If you want to do so, just contact your manager. Please remember that ads on your Trafficback must adhere to the Clickadu Terms and Conditions. Otherwise, we won’t be able to let you use it.

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