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Help Center

Help Centre is a place where you can find various means of support and assistance that you can get from our Support Team or your manager.

Your manager’s contact details (Section A.)

If you are having a hard time understanding how to create and manage a campaign on our platform or have any questions at all, you can contact your manager, whose details can always be found on this page. Here you can see your manager’s email and Skype details.


Find a relevant FAQ article (Section B.)

If you are new to advertising or would like to go through some written materials about how our platform and different pricing models or ad formats work, you can look up a FAQ article that would be relevant for you. Just type in any keyword or a question you have in this field and hit ‘Search’. You will be automatically redirected to a list of FAQ articles that suit your search criteria.


If your manager is currently unavailable or you could not find help elsewhere, you can start a dialogue with a member of our Support Team in a live chat (1). All live chat requests are answered within 10 minutes of their submission during our Support Team’s working hours (10 am - 7 pm GMT+2).

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