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The main section where you can see and make changes to your account’s personal information is ‘Profile’:


Here you can see:

  1. Account status: shows a date when you accepted our Terms & Conditions (usually corresponds to your registration date) and your account’s current status that can be any of the following:

  1. Accepted: you provided all necessary information about yourself, and all platform’s functions (including adding funds) are available to you in full;

  2. Pending: you can see this status when your account is either still being reviewed by our moderation team or if you’re required to provide some additional details. With this status, you are still able to work on the platform and add funds.

  1. Rejected: your profile’s information is either incomplete or was considered to be suspicious by our moderation team. You are unable to add funds or work on the platform unless you provide correct and full information. Please contact our Support team for more details.

  1. Personal information: includes your account type (individual or company), first and last names, as well as your residential address. Once you made changes to your personal information here, please click on the ‘Save’ button located in Section 3.

  2. Contact information: includes your phone number, email, and messenger details. Messenger details are useful for a support team member or a manager to be able to get in touch with you.

Further, you will find designated fields where you can change your password (1) and configure email notifications settings (2):

  1. To change your password, you need to enter your old password and then type in a new one twice;

  2. Notifications: you can choose what type of notifications you would like to receive to the email address you used upon registration. If you do not want to receive any notifications, you can untick all selections and click ‘Save’.

Important: do not forget to save all your changes after you have made them!

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