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For more user-friendly campaign management, you're able to use a new tool for changing blocked or inactive target URLs.

Where to find it?

You can find the 'Tools' section in the left-side toolbar:


There will be more tools for your convenience. For now, it's the only tool available.

How does it work?

Let's split the whole URL changing process into a few steps.

Step 1. Search the URL element (domain, token, or parameter) you'd like to change

Fill out the domain or the part of the URL you'd like to change to the current domain field. Like this:


You're able to perform 5 mass target URL changes in 5 minutes.

Click 'check' to get a list of campaigns that contain the requested URL elements.

Step 2. Confirm the campaigns


If everything is correct, you'll receive a list of the current campaigns with a requested domain name.

1. I have a few campaigns with the same target URL domain element.

2. Here are the full target URLs for the requested campaigns.

3. If you have a huge set of campaigns, you're able to set campaign count filters or switch the list of campaigns pages.

Okay. Now, we need to confirm that we'd like to change these Campaigns. Click 'Change these domains' to continue. Otherwise, hit the 'New Check' to find other campaigns.

Step 3. Choose the URL changes for these campaigns

In this step, you're able to change your Target URL domains, tokens, or elements for the set of campaigns requested. Please note the campaigns' statuses will change after implementing the URL changes.


Fill out the 'New Domain or new URL part' field with the element you'd like to change. Click 'Change' if you're all set.

Step 4. Confirm the change

This step allows you to check if everything is okay with your new target URL.


Just click 'Confirm changing URLs' if everything is fine.

Step 5. Expected consequences

That's not quite a full-value step as the URLs have already changed. From here, you can observe the changes or perform a new check.


If you have any questions left, please ping our Support team.

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