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How to integrate conversions tracking with RedTrack?
How to integrate conversions tracking with RedTrack?
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Step 1. Add Clickadu as a Traffic Source in RedTrack

In RedTrack, go to Traffic Sources (1) > New from Template (2) > type Clickadu (3) in the search bar > Add (4) :

Step 2. Adjust the postback URL

In your Clickadu account go to Tracking (1) , select RedTrack (2) from the list of suggested trackers and copy the Postback URL (3) generated automatically:

Go back to RedTrack and paste the Clickadu postback URL in the field "s2s postback URL" (1):

Please, do not forget to set token ${SUBID} for Click Ref ID parameter to pass the data on conversions to Clickadu. Also you can add additional tokens to track data you need. Press Save.

After saving settings, you can create campaign in Redtrack.

Step 2. Start a Campaign in Clickadu

In your Clickadu account, go to Campaigns > Create campaign > General settings (1) and paste Click URL from RedTrack to the Target URL (2) field:

Next, set up the campaign parameters > Start Campaign or Save as Draft.

What's next: How to create campaign. General settings

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