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‘Tracking’ section is situated on the platform’s tab menu on the left. It is designed to help you set up s2s postback/conversion tracking in the fastest and easiest way. Conversion tracking allows advertisers to receive comprehensive statistics of their advertising campaigns. It also allows you to run SmartCPA campaigns (so that information about conversions that happened as a result of your campaigns is passed back to us and applied to your SmartCPA stats on our side).


Here are 3 simple steps you need to follow to set postback with Clickadu:

1. Select a conversion tracker or a CPA network

At first, you are supposed to select a tracking solution you are going to use. On the ‘Tracking’ tab you can see the most commonly used 8 tracking systems: Binom, Keitaro, Voluum, RedTrack, PeerClick, BeMob, AdsBridge, LandingTrack. To create a postback URL designed specifically for one of the listed tracking systems, you just need to click on a tracker’s name, and your postback URL will be adjusted automatically. Our token ${SUBID}, which corresponds to a visitor ID, will be replaced with a selected tracker’s visitor ID token (as shown in the picture below).


If you are using another tracking solution that is not listed on the ‘Tracking’ tab, select the ‘Our network and other networks’ option, copy a link that will appear in the field below (Step 2), and replace our network’s token ${SUBID} with your tracking solution’s token.

2. Click ‘Copy’ to get your postback URL

After you have selected a tracking solution, copy a link that will be created automatically in the field below. If you click on the ‘Our network and other networks help here’ option, you will be redirected to the article with detailed instructions regarding Clickadu S2S conversion tracking integration settings.


3. Paste your postback URL to the ‘Traffic Source’ settings of your tracking solution or CPA network

After you copied the link, paste it to the ‘Traffic Source’ settings of your tracking solution. Do not forget to replace our network’s token with your tracker’s token if you are using another tracking solution that’s not mentioned in Step 1.


Tracker-specific tokens
Using postback/conversions tracking, you can track not only conversions but other interesting data as well. Complete list of all supported tokens you can find in article What Tokens, Macros, or Variables do you support?

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