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How to launch and manage the InPage Push campaign?
How to launch and manage the InPage Push campaign?
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To increase Push traffic efficiency, we are boosting your Push Notifications campaigns with the InPage Push Traffic Type.

To learn more about InPage Push, click here.

How to enable InPage Push?

InPage Push is available in the campaign creation\editing section. To access it, choose a Push Notification advertising format (no matter the pricing model).

You can find this section right after Target URL and frequency/capping blocks.

By flagging the checkboxes, you can enable or disable the InPage Push traffic type as well as create a standalone InPage Push advertising campaign (choose both flags to do so)

Creative Settings

Icon, Description, and Title are the required creatives for the InPage Push campaign.

The text line boxes allow 30 symbols for the title and 40 symbols for the description.

Upload an icon image and use the cropping/scaling tool to get the desired result.

Please note: InPage Push ads do not support large creatives (banners).


Check the InPage Push preview section to see how your ad will look like.

Targeting options

You can target your InPage Push campaign the same way you do the others, however, you need to pay attention to a number of targeting options that stand out.

With the InPage Push traffic enabled, you're able to target iPad OS, MAC OS and iOS operating systems.

Please note: InPage Push works with any available OS.


The same is for device/device type targetings.


Done with creating/editing? Don't forget to save your settings and launch your campaign whenever you are ready.

How to get InPage Push statistics?

1. Go to the 'Dashboard' section of the Self-Serve Platform.

2. Use the advanced filters option to expand filters.


3. Choose the Inpage Push in the Ad format drop-down menu to get the desired data (you will see the Inpage Push performance ONLY)


4. Choose Push Notifications along with Inpage Push to get the combined data.

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