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The “Finance” section is located in the toolbar on the left side:


Here you can:

1) Choose the date period that you want to see information about your payments/expenses for (you can also set a specific date range here);

2) Switch between Payments (that you made to us) and Expenses (the amount of funds on your balance that you have spent on running your advertising campaigns);

3) Switch between your payments’ history (‘Billing history’) and ‘Invoices’ (monthly invoices for traffic/services that you have purchased from us);

4) Add funds (redirects to the page where you can top up your balance directly from our platform).

In the ‘Payments’ section, you can see all the balance replenishments that you have made during a chosen period and download an invoice of each payment (in PDF format). Please note that a transaction fee is usually deducted from the sum shown in an invoice:


This table shows the date of payment, description (payment method), comment (what kind of payment), payment (the amount of funds added to your balance), and a column where you can access PDF invoices for every payment.

The ‘Expenses’ section shows the data of your spending (the funds that you have already spent on our platform to run your advertising campaigns). You can export this data to the .CSV file and download it for your use.

‘Date’ column shows a specific date on which a certain amount of funds was spent;

‘Spent’ column – shows the amount of funds that you have spent on a specific day;

‘Correction’ column shows miscellaneous financial operations, such as bonus replenishments and deductions.


You can also download monthly invoices of your expenses here. They are located in the ‘Invoices’ section:


Please note that monthly invoices are generated only after a full month of expenses has ended. For example, an April invoice is formed at the beginning of May. Monthly invoices include all the expenses of the previous month.

Amount filter, which is located at the right bottom corner of the page, allows you to choose how many payments/invoices you would like to display on a single page:

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