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How to integrate conversions tracking with Keitaro?
How to integrate conversions tracking with Keitaro?
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  1. Log in to your Keitaro account, go to the Sources page and click the Create button.

  2. In the Template name field, start typing Clickadu and select the template.

  3. Go to Clickadu Personal account, open Tracking page, select Keitaro, and create and copy your postback URL.

  4. Insert URL into Clickadu template at Keitaro. Save the changes by clicking Create button.

  5. Now go to the Campaigns page in Keitaro, and create a new campaign. Createa stream in this campaign.

  6. Go to Settings and select as a Source.

  7. Save the changes in a campaign in Keitaro. Go to Integration page, copy the campaign’s URL.

  8. Now go to your Clickadu account, to the Campaigns page. Click on Create Campaign. Insert the campaign’s link from Keitaro into the Target URL field.


Proceed with the settings and launch the campaign on

Now, all conversions from Keitaro will be sent to Clickadu, and you’ll be able to see all the available parameters from Clickadu tracked in Keitaro.

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