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Skim ads

Skim is a link (your Target URL or landing page) embedded in a specific element on a Publisher’s website. These elements may be any of the following: a text, an image/icon, a link, or a video (but not a video ad as such). After a user activates such an element by clicking on it, they are automatically redirected to your landing page opened in a new tab.

How do Skim ads work and look like?

Skim ads are similar to Popunders, except that they are activated manually by a user in the following way: they visit a Publisher's website, click on a specific element on the website that includes a link to an advertising page, after which an ad (your landing page!) is then opened in a new tab. Skim is a smart way to promote your offers. You only need to make sure that your landing is engaging, and then you can get the most out of it with no effort!


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