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Our traffic inventory tool is here to make your life as an Advertiser much easier. Here you can choose an ad format, platform (mobile or desktop), OS type, geo/country of your prospective targeting, and within a couple of clicks, you will see how many impressions/clicks are available there:


Please note that you can switch between ‘Impressions’ and ‘Clicks’ only when viewing data for Push Notification, Instant Text Message, and Video Pre-Roll ad formats.

By scrolling down the page, you can see the amount of traffic, clicks/impressions, and average and maximum bids for a geo/country you choose:


The data presented on this page is updated daily and based on yesterday’s overall campaign statistics.
By clicking Create Campaign button, you can can add a campaign with the selected targeting settings: OS, Device Type, Connection type (available for Onclick only):


You can choose several (or just one) geo/countries at the same time to analyze their stats and compare their respective traffic volumes and bids:


Finally, here come some frequently asked questions regarding traffic volumes and bids:

  • How many impressions will my campaign get for $10? - The amount of impressions your campaigns will receive for a designated sum of $ depends solely on its settings (such as Frequency Capping and ‘User activity level’ for Push Notifications) and a bid that you have set for it. If we speak about clicks and conversion, various factors impact this, such as your creative’s CTR (for CPC campaigns) or your landing page’s quality and UX-design (for SmartCPA campaigns).

  • What’s the average/maximum bid for a specific mobile carrier/offer vertical? - You can ask for this information by contacting our Support Team. This information cannot be specified in the traffic inventory itself at the moment.

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