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How to integrate conversion tracking with Binom?
How to integrate conversion tracking with Binom?
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Step #1 - Create your postback URL

Log into your Clickadu Advertiser Account, click on the Tracking (1) tab.

Select Binom (2) from the list of the suggested trackers. Your Clickadu postback URL is created automatically.

Copy to the clipboard the Postback URL (3)

Step #2 - Add Clickadu as your traffic source on Binom

Log in to your tracker, choose the Traffic sources tab, and then click the +Create button.


Name your traffic source.

In the field 'Postback URL' paste the postback URL from Clickadu.

In the parameter field set placeholder ${SUBID} for the External ID parameter. Do not forget to name it (e.g, visitor_id)

If you want to track additional data, click USE TOKENS and set tokens for parameters you need. You can find list of the available tokens on Clickadu here.

After completing all replacements, click Save to store your Clickadu settings in Binom (if you want to make any changes - select your traffic source from the list and click the Edit button).

Please refer to Binom Knowledge Base to find out how to add affiliate networks, offers and generate the postback URLs.

Once you get your Binom’s Postback URL, paste it to your affiliate network panel to pass data about conversions from the affiliate network to Binom.

If you are experiencing any problems - contact your affiliate network support.

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