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Pre-Roll ads

A Video Pre-Roll is a short promotional video ad displayed before the main video content on a Publisher’s website. One of its main advantages is that a user is more likely to engage with a video ad, especially if a creative (video clip) looks appealing, as their attention is already focused on a video player. A visitor is allowed to skip a promotional video no earlier than 5 seconds after it has started playing. The duration of a video clip can be from 15 to 30 seconds.

How do Video pre-rolls work and look like?

Your Pre-Roll creative is essentially your short video ad that precedes the video content that a user was initially to access. After clicking on any part of a video player while your ads are on, a user will be automatically redirected to your landing page. This way, video ads are more likely to have a higher CTR than any other ad format. Your Pre-Roll Video ad is embedded into a video player on our Publisher’s website. They may remind you of YouTube ads, except they are much more effective and converts better.

What is more, you can make your brand or product more recognizable by utilizing engaging visuals. Your creative is the key to your campaign’s success!


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