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How to integrate Clickadu S2S conversion tracking?
How to integrate Clickadu S2S conversion tracking?
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Conversion tracking allows advertisers to receive comprehensive statistics for their advertising campaigns or to run SmartCPA campaigns.

Every time the CPA network considers conversion completed, its server requests the Clickadu S2S link and passes back the information about the conversion along with the special parameter value.

You can learn how to set conversion tracking either via this video or the article below.

Basic reasons to set postback URL:

- Conversion tracking is necessary for creating and running SmartCPA campaign.

- Make it easier to choose between profitable ad zones in the dashboard.

- Helps to get more efficient assistance in campaign optimization from your account manager.

- It helps to estimate and improve the quality of traffic for each ad zone.

How to set an s2s postback URL:

Postback URL creation is similar for most tracking solutions except for the interface and tokens for creating the postback.

Setting the URL is easy and consist of 7 simple steps:

1) Click theTracking’ (1) tab In the Self-Serve platform to start.

2) Select your tracking solution (2) from and click on it

3) Copy the postback URL (3) created for tracking your advertising campaigns.

4) Go to your tracking solution and create a ‘new traffic source’.

5) Use ‘postback URL’ field to paste the Clickadu postback URL.

5) Use ’clickid’ token fields (or External ID) to create additional ${SUBID} parameter. Don’t forget to name it.


8) If you want to to get traffic zones statistics and creating white and blacklists, we recommend you apply additional tokens. Complete list of all supported tokens you can find in article What Tokens, Macros, or Variables do you support?

10) Finish creating the campaign in the Tracking Solution by adding your offer or flow.

11) Copy/Paste the link generated by your tracking solution as a 'target URL' in the Clickadu adv campaign.

! NB If you do not see your tracker solution in the list of the suggested ones, please, select "Other network" option (1) and copy the postback URL (2)

Paste it in your tracking solution in the Postback URL field. Please, do not forget to change the token ${SUBID} in the copied link to the token of your tracker :

Read the step-by-step guide for:

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