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Video and Push Notification Creative Requirements and Guidelines
Video and Push Notification Creative Requirements and Guidelines
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Video and Push Notification Creative Requirements and Guidelines

In order to run Video Pre-Roll ads on our network, you should make sure both your creative’s and offer’s general content meet our Policy Regulations.

Prohibited content that will be rejected or banned include the following:

  1. Pharma products and or any drugs;

  2. Alcohol and tobacco;

  3. iGaming in the USA (except: NJ, PA, MI, WV, DE states for online casino; NJ, PA, MI, WV, NV for online poker; NJ, PA, MI, WV, NV, IL, VA, CO, TN, IN, IA, NH, OR, MT for sports and fantasy betting);

  4. Any kind of cryptocurrency or crypto offers;

  5. Violence;

  6. Child pornography and bestiality;

  7. Any non-adult sexual content;

  8. Gay pornography on RU geo;

  9. Guns, rifles, missiles;

  10. Radioactive elements;

  11. Calls for changing the political ground;

  12. Any terrorist actions;

  13. Sale of human organs, slaves; clone-performing services;

  14. Calls for racial, national, political and religious hatred;

  15. Prohibited to use any YouTube videos.

List of requirements for a Video Pre-Roll ad’s creative:

  1. Text elements in a video should be recognizable;

  2. You should be authorized to use this video content, or own it. Proof of copyright will be requested;

  3. Video content itself should not contain any misleading information. It should aim to advertise your product;

  4. A video should be original and engaging in order to engage more users.

Please note that your video can be rejected if it presents any inappropriate content, or by a request from our Publishers.

Technical requirements for a Video Pre-Roll ad’s creative:

  • Preferable Video Format: MPEG-4 video (video/mp4);

  • Video Codec: H.264;

  • Audio Codec MPEG-4 AAC;

  • Video File Size: up to 40 MB;

  • Aspect Ratio: Popular video players automatically resize the video so that it fits their dimensions while keeping the ratio. Nevertheless, a ratio matching the player ratio (if known) is preferable;

  • Resolution: 720p recommended;

  • The duration of the video should be from 15 to 30 seconds.

Push Notification Technical Requirements for Creatives and Guidelines

Before starting your Push Notification campaign, please make sure that it complies our ad content and Quality Guidelines.

  • Image or content quality:

  • Landing pages’ and creatives’ content should be easily recognized;

  • It shouldn’t be blurred, smeary, empty, or misleading;

Here are some examples of wrong and correct creatives, or/and landing pages:




  • Technical support is not allowed to be promoted on our platform at all;

Keep away from the content associated with viruses, threats, file damages, etc. that are listed in the text or on the landing page. This information only frightens users.

It is prohibited to promote content with text like “Your phone/browser is infected”, “Your personal data will be deleted” etc.

Allowed information that can be used in creatives, texts, and landing pages are about probable viruses, file damages, etc. For example, “Your software may be outdated”, “You may have viruses”, “Scan completed” etc.

The content that offers to boost up your device is permitted.

Here are the examples of wrong and correct creatives with such text:




  • The exploitation of famous persons, celebrities;

It is forbidden to use "fake news" with celebrities or politicians' names for promotion or negative representation of the individuals featured.

It is prohibited to promote, for example, a product or a diet scheme on behalf of celebrities as well.

  • Disgusting and frightful images are not allowed: images of lethal accidents, car crashes etc.;

  • Content inciting illegal actions is prohibited: terrorist actions, robbers;

  • Content including intimidation and exhorting to harm yourself or others is prohibited: committing suicide, using drugs, etc.;

  • Oppression and advocacy against any individual or group is forbidden: calls to incite ethnic hatred, domestic crimes, etc.;

  • Any reference of pharmaceutical drugs is prohibited (mentioning of dietary supplements is allowed);

  • Content including unflattering images of celebrities, texts relating to their death, sex, and any gossips is not allowed. Selling products and services on behalf of celebrities is also prohibited;

  • Any tobacco products are prohibited: cigarettes, hookahs, vapes, etc.;

  • Using state signs (M.I.A., FBI, Police, etc.) is not allowed;

  • Suspicious messages about the accumulation of funds are prohibited.

In the case of using forbidden content, your campaign will be rejected or even the account may be banned.

Technical requirements for a Push Notification’s text and creative’s content:

  • Title: 30 characters

  • Description: 40 characters

  • Icon: 192 x 192 px

  • Max. icon size: 200KB

  • Creative (banner): 360x180 px

  • Max. creative size: 720KB

  • Available file types: JPG or PNG

  • No animations allowed

Please note that during the campaign creation, you can always crop your creative/icon to use only a selected part of it.

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