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What targeting can I choose for my campaign?
What targeting can I choose for my campaign?
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Apart from the countries, the targeting settings available on the platform can allow your campaigns to receive the appropriate and suitable traffic for your offers only.


The Targeting section in the campaign settings helps you to set specific targeting settings. You can either include a certain targeting (it is in ‘include’ mode by default) or exclude it from your campaign’s traffic by clicking on the ‘Exclude’ switcher


so that it turns red.

You can find the available targeting settings below:

Connection Type (‘3G’ - mobile carrier traffic only, ‘Wi-Fi’ - traffic from devices connected to Wi-Fi only, ‘All’ - both kinds of traffic);

OS types (Mobile, Desktop, or Other), OSs (Android, iOS, etc.), OS versions;

Device Types (Phone, Tablet, Other), Devices Vendors (e.g. Apple, Samsung or any other vendor) and Vendors Models;

Mobile ISP (carrier) (only for 3G connection type);

Browsers and Browser language. We recommend setting a ‘Browser language’ targeting if you need to receive traffic from users who speak a certain language or if you’re targeting a country where there is more than one common language spoken;

State and City targeting. Here you can choose to target only specific states and/or cities in a chosen country. Note that field State is related to province/land in the chosen country set in 'Pricings' first (the field GEO);

Proxy/Not proxy. If you choose the ‘Proxy’ option, you will receive traffic from both users with genuine IPs and those who are masking their real IP addresses and using another country’s IP instead. ‘Not proxy’ option allows you to get traffic only from first-hand IP addresses. ‘All’ settings will get you both kinds of users.

Moreover, if you already defined Black or White List (the zones performing worse or better on specific targeting settings) for your campaigns, you can add them in Zone & Additional Page (1) in the Sites&Zones (2) field. You can either include zones or exclude them by turning the tumbler Exclude (3) on. Then it will turn red

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