Advertising Policies Overview
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Advertising Policies Overview

Before you start running your campaigns on our platform, you need to make sure that offers, products, or services you are planning to promote on our network meet Policy Regulations. The list of forbidden elements is presented below.

Prohibited Content, Products, and Services

According to our general Terms and Advertising & Quality Guidelines, it is prohibited for an Advertiser working with Clickadu to promote products or services that fall in the following categories (it also applies to contents of your landing pages and all redirects, as well as creatives):

  1. Illegal activity (i.e. the sale of organs, slave trading, cloning, terrorism, guides how to build a bomb, hacking, "phreaking", etc);

  2. Hate-mongering (i.e. racial, political, ethnic, religious, gender-based, sexuality-based or personal, etc.);

  3. Violence, obscene or vulgar language and abusive content or content which endorses or threatens physical harm;

  4. Any references to under-aged sexual contacts or its consequences (pregnancy etc.);

  5. Illegal substances (e.g., illegal or recreational drugs);

  6. Medications or any related paraphernalia;

  7. Alcohol and tobacco;

  8. Purchase of weapons/military equipment;

  9. False or deceptive investment advice;

  10. Adware, malware, viruses, phishing offers (including but not limited to fake virus alerts and technical support landings);

  11. Software and apps that are automatically downloaded without a user’s permission;

  12. Marketing materials that are protected by copyright and trademark laws;

  13. Any kind of cryptocurrency or crypto offers;

  14. Gambling and casino offers that are targeted to be promoted in the United States;

  15. Use of marketing material (images, banners, pages, or texts) that are copyrighted by third parties, including the use of celebrities/public persons' images (such as images of Mark Zuckerberg, Pavel Durov, Donald Trump, Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Tim Cook, Richard Branson, Steve Wozniak) and their personal attributes without permission for an exploitative purpose and/or brand logotypes (except for the brand owners). Moreover, you can't use images of the Top 20 people from the Forbes and the top officials of various countries.

  16. Any politics-related content (governmental and election campaigns, and any other form of agitation, etc).

  17. Prostitution (Your creatives or landing page should not contain price lists and phrases like "Sex job/Gigolo services/Call girls/Prostitution/Sluts".
    Instead of it, you can use such statements: "These girls want to meet up with you"; "Lonely girls craving for sex"; "Escort").

What is more, your ads’ creatives (applies to Push Notification, Video Pre-Roll, and Instant Text Message ads) should not contain words like "your software is outdated", "your device is infected", "viruses found", or any similar phrasing. Ads that provide false information to a user or hold deceptive intent will be rejected with no exceptions.

Clickadu also reserves the right to reject any content that raises suspicion or may be potentially harmful.

Please note that campaigns are continually reviewed by our staff. For this reason, an active campaign can be suspended at any time. If, after approval, a campaign is modified in a way that does not follow our Guidelines, it will be rejected immediately, and your account could be suspended or terminated.

Common Campaign Rejection Reasons: How to Check If My Campaign is Complaint

Some reasons for campaign rejections may not be so obvious, which is why we would like to present a list of the most common reasons for campaign rejections and provide you with some tips on how to check whether your offers/landing pages (as well as its redirects) are suitable to be promoted on Clickadu:

  1. Malware, malicious and phishing URLs

Your landing page or any further redirects and pre-landing should not contain any suspicious URLs or malware content. Malware may include any malicious code or software, including viruses, spyware, trojan content, and so on. These elements put a user’s online security and confidentiality at risk. If such content is detected in any URLs associated with your campaign, it will be rejected. In order to run a campaign that has been rejected due to malware, you need to remove any malicious elements from an offer that is involved (you may need to contact your affiliate network’s manager or their support service).

In case of any uncertainty, contact our Support Team, and they will assist you with what you have to do in order for your campaigns to be approved later on. You will also be provided with specific URLs/redirects that should be removed and omitted.

  1. Scareware (‘Your device is in danger’/’You need to update your software’/’N viruses found’)

Phrases that are aimed to deceive a user and make them think that they have got a problem with their device or provide any other kind of false information are not allowed. This applies both to text/images featured in your ads’ creatives (applies to Push Notification, Instant Text Message, and Video Pre-Roll ads) and your landing page, as well as to any associated redirects.

Campaigns with the following and similar statements with being rejected:

  • ‘You/your device may have 3 viruses’/’Potential viruses found (3)’;

  • ‘Click here to resolve this problem’/’Click to remove viruses’;

  • ‘System warning: remove junk files (2.8 GB)’;

  • ‘Start the system scan to resolve problems that slow down your device’;

  • ‘Clear out your device’s storage to resolve this problem and make it work faster';

  • Any statements or phrases that falsely claim that a user’s browser/system was not able to download or open a page/video content/etc due to a malfunction;

  • ‘Update required’, and so on.

Allowed phrasing: ‘software on your device might be out of date’, ‘your device might be too slow’, ‘you may have to scan your device for viruses to make it safer’, ‘you may need to update/download this app in order to view a website in safe mode’, etc. If you have any doubts regarding permitted phrasing, feel free to contact our Support Team.

  1. Deceptive statements aimed at acquiring a user’s sensitive data (phishing)

Any deceptive messages suggesting that a user “won” a certain amount of money, or that their bank account was replenished with a $ prize, will not be permitted, and campaigns containing such statements will be rejected.

Example of restricted content:

‘Your balance has just been replenished with $$$. Click here to retrieve your money’;

‘$$$ was sent to you. Click here to check your balance’, and so on.

Allowed: notifications or messages informing a user that they won a certain non-monetary prize may be accepted (for example, ‘You have won a prize/phone/service subscription’, and the like).

  1. Pharma products (prescription medicine and otherwise)

It is forbidden to promote any drugs, prescription medicine, or other pharmacological products. Image of such products is also not permitted to be shown in an ad’s creative and/or any images featured on your landings and redirects.

NB! Please note that the content of your ads may contain branded pharmaceutical names, like ‘Viagra’ or ‘Cialis’, only if they satisfy the requirements listed below:

  1. Such words/phrasings as ‘Generic’, ‘Better than Viagra’ or ‘Just like Viagra’ are used and clearly stated on a visible part of an ad’s landing page;

  2. An ad’s landing page must contain a ‘Consult your doctor’ phrase/disclaimer, or the like, and highly advise a visitor to do so (read more here).

Allowed to be promoted and pictured in creatives: most kinds of dietary supplements.

4.1. Nutra products
Your creatives or label on the product should contain one of these phrases - Food supplement/Dietary supplement/Not a drug
Your landing page should contain one of these statements - This preparation is not a drug/Is not intended to treat any disease/This preparation is a dietary supplement
Moreover, your landing page should have a Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

5. Your ad's creative is inappropriate (read more here).

My Campaign Got Rejected: What To Do?

If you received an email notification about your campaign having been rejected, do not worry. Firstly, you need to find out the exact reason why this happened. After that, you will be able to modify your offer’s contents accordingly.

As a rule, you can find some information about the reason your campaign was rejected in an email notifying you about this matter. However, if you are uncertain about the grounds on which a campaign rejection took place, you can always get in touch with our Support Team or contact your manager.

My Campaigns Were Rejected Multiple Times, and My Account is Now Suspended

According to our Terms and Conditions (8.7 Account and campaign content rejection), your account can be temporarily suspended if your campaigns have been rejected multiples times. Please also be informed that in case of suspension of your account, you won’t be getting traffic to your advertising campaigns. Moreover, the campaign creation mode will be disabled for you for the whole period of prospective suspension.

If you have received five (5) or more campaign rejections in 7 days, you will receive a ‘suspended account’ status that lasts for 12 hours. You will be notified via email in case your account gets suspended.

If you have received three (3) more warnings regarding the advertising campaign violations after the initial suspension of your account, you will be suspended for 48 hours (two days).

If you have received two (2) more warnings regarding the advertising campaign violations after the second suspension of your account, you will be suspended for 72 hours (three days).

In case your account has been suspended three times in a row, further campaign rejections may result in your account being permanently banned.

My Account Was Banned. What May Be the Reason?

If your account has been banned, note that it most likely happened for a justified reason. Advertisers’ accounts are not banned out of a sudden. And right here is a list of possible ban grounds:

  1. Technical support;

  2. MIA (Ministry of Internal Affairs) landing page ;

  3. Child pornography, bestiality;

  4. Violence;

  5. Sale of human organs, slaves, clone-performing services;

  6. Calls for racial, national, political, and religious hatred;

  7. The account was suspended more than three times in a row.

Please mind that banned accounts cannot be unlocked.

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