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How to integrate conversions tracking with CPV Lab Pro?
How to integrate conversions tracking with CPV Lab Pro?
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  1. Log in to your CPV Lab Pro account, go to the Traffic Sources page and choose Clickadu from the Catalog. Once you import the traffic source from the catalog, it will show up on the Campaign setup page.

  2. Go to Clickadu Personal account, open the Tracking page, select CPV Lab Pro. Then create and copy your postback URL.

  3. Insert URL while editing Traffic Source at CPV Lab Pro. Save the changes by clicking Save button.

  4. In your CPV Lab Pro campaign setup page select Clickadu as the Traffic Source and choose the Predefined Extra Tokens that you want to capture.

  5. Complete the other fields and save the campaign.

  6. In order to track conversions into the Clickadu platform, you need to set up the Postback URL from Clickadu as the Traffic Source Postback URL in the Campaign setup page from CPV Lab Pro. The Postback URL should contain the CPV Lab Pro macro {!tscode!} (for Unique ClickID). The Traffic Source Postback URL will be automatically filled for the selected Traffic Source in the Campaign Setup page, but you need to select/check it in order to have it used (check the image below).

  7. Now go to your Clickadu account, to the Campaigns page. Click on Create Campaign. Insert the campaign’s link from CPV Lab Pro into the Target URL field.


    Proceed with the settings and launch the campaign on

Now, all conversions from CPV Lab Pro will be sent to Clickadu, and you’ll be able to see all the available parameters from Clickadu tracked in CPV Lab Pro.

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